April 4, 2017

New Notre Dame Trail Pilgrims!!

January 10, 2017

Amazing Flying Incense in Santiago, Spain: The Botafumeiro

I had the distinct privilege last summer to attend mass in Santiago, Spain. I was amazed at the end of mass when they brought out the flying incense -- like nothing I have ever seen before. The Botafumeiro is a famous flying incense expeller found in the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral in Spain. If you had the opportunity to walk the Camino de Santiago, you likely saw this for yourself. Honestly, I will never forget it. Brilliant.

November 8, 2016

The Notre Dame Trail

August 31, 2016

Larry Legend in Person

July 31, 2016

New View at Notre Dame

May 20, 2016

You Never Walk Alone

May 6, 2016

Beautiful Day on Campus