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April 21, 2015

Join Me on Notre Dame Day

I’ve joined the global Notre Dame Day celebration! 

For a $10 gift, I will receive 5 votes which I can cast to anything I love most at Notre Dame. My votes will decide how much of the $1 MILLION the areas I love will receive. Please spread the word and create your own Notre Dame Day page!

Notre Dame Day will be broadcast LIVE and will kick-off at 18:42 pm ET (6:42 pm ET) on April 26 at NOTREDAMEDAY.ND.EDU. The 29-hour broadcast will showcase Notre Dame stories from around the world, as well as live interviews, special musical performances, remotes, and surprise celebrity guests.

You won't want to miss this! Make sure you follow the celebration - #NDday.

April 14, 2015

NCAA Sweet Sixteen and Elite 8 in Cleveland

Had the distinct privilege to see the Notre Dame Men's Basketball team play two games in Cleveland for the Sweet Sixteen and the Elite Eight. It was an amazing weekend and one that I will remember. Such a great team this year. Here's to next season!

March 5, 2015

How Many Floors?

I spent a considerable amount of time last week in the Main Building (Golden Dome) at the University of Notre Dame.

This is a wonderful space and the most recognizable building in all of higher education. I have been in this building so many times, but I always am taken back by its beauty. It is my favorite building.

I took this picture between meetings.

How many floors can you find in this photo?