Bio: Matt Klawitter (pronounced “CLAW-wit-ter”) is an innovator of experiences, digital products, higher education advancement, fundraising, and marketing. He creates new and innovative ways to solve complex problems.

Matt was the first Executive Director of Digital Communications at Washington University in St. Louis and is the former Director and founder of the University of Notre Dame Web Group. He was also the Director of Digital Communications at Northwestern University, Alumni Relations and Development. Matt was also the Program Director, Campaign Administration at the University of Notre Dame where he created high-profile events and experiences.

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I'm an experiential marketing consultant with expertise developing creative engagement strategies for top-tier institutions.

I am an innovator. In my career, 90% of the positions that I’ve held were new to the organization and I was the first to hold them. My employers sought someone who thinks big and delivers measurable results to solve pressing challenges. They chose me because my passion and experience is solving complex problems.

I am analytical and creative, team-oriented and willing to lead when others doubt, focused and capable of managing multiple, competing priorities simultaneously. I generate big ideas, develop those ideas into goals, and then surpass those goals.

I roll up my sleeves and do whatever it takes to help our team achieve excellence. My skills include building trusting collaborations that lead to positive results, often while under intense scrutiny. I’ve developed multiple award-winning digital marketing teams from the ground up, planned high-end engagement, fundraising, and advancement campaigns, and executed major world-class events. My peers tell me that I am confident, graceful under pressure, delegate effectively, and have a positive attitude.

I am experienced. My career includes leadership positions at Washington University in St. Louis, the University of Notre Dame, and Northwestern University.

Big Idea: The Notre Dame Trail 2017

On May 16, 2014, I conceptualized the idea of a 300+ mile pilgrimage across Indiana to celebrate the upcoming anniversary of the University of Notre Dame. I pitched and sold the idea to ND leadership. After more than three years of strategy, planning, government and community relations, we accomplished this vision that I imagined. We grew stronger and stronger as more colleagues contributed to the vision. Then in August of 2017 as part of the University's 175th anniversary celebration, Notre Dame produced the Notre Dame Trail. Objectives of this historic event were to create a pilgrimage along a historic path that mirrors Fr. Sorin's journey from Vincennes to South Bend in 1842; connect the ND family with the 175th anniversary celebration, to inspire the ND family to be reflective on the University's past, and participate in its bold vision for the future as a force for good in the world; and to explore leaving a permanent legacy throughout the state of Indiana -- a Notre Dame Trail to follow for years to come. Thousands of people participated, and many stated it was life-changing and strengthened their relationship with the University. The Notre Dame Trail is considered one of the most successful celebrations in Notre Dame history.

Big Idea: Conductor, Notre Dame 2007

In 2003, I formed the Notre Dame Web Group at the University of Notre Dame and built it from the ground up. Over the years, I grew the staff to one of the most advanced teams of multimedia producers. We won awards and built amazing products. One of the most significant and long lasting ideas was to create our own content management system. After years of frustration with external web software products and countless trials, our team of highly skilled developers believed that we could build our own system of managing websites for the University. I cleared the path for this process to take shape and managed this innovation through complex internal bureaucracies. The result was one of the most significant software developments for marketing communications and one that over ten years later continues to bring in tremendous cost and productivity savings to the University.

Awards and Accomplishments

2014 Gold Medal, Pride of CASE District V
CASE V recognizes best work in communications, alumni relations and development in the Pride of CASE V District Awards program. Northwestern University was awarded a gold medal for “Best Website” for our work with the "We Will" Campaign website.

2012 American Advertising Federation, Michiana, ADDY Awards Judge
The American Advertising Federation (AAF) Michiana (South Bend, Indiana media market) invited me to be one of four judges for the annual ADDY Awards competition. “The ADDY® Awards represent the true spirit of creative excellence by recognizing all forms of advertising from media of all types, creative by all sizes and entrants of all levels from anywhere in the world.”

2011 Nominee, Best Use of Photography, eduStyle Awards
wustl.edu was nominated for best use of photography. eduStyle is “a web design gallery dedicated to higher education websites and powered by higher education web design professionals.” This is the first ever nomination for Washington University in St. Louis, and the site was created by the team that I built and managed.

2010 CASE VI Lead Judge
For the 2010 CASE district VI awards, I served as the lead judge for five categories in Excellence in Multimedia and Writing for the Web.

2008 Webby Awards Official Honoree, ND.edu
ND.edu was selected as an “Official Honoree” for the School/University category in the 12th Annual Webby Awards, April 2008. The Official Honoree distinction is awarded to work that scores in the top 15% of all work entered into the Webby Awards. With nearly 10,000 entries received from all 50 states and over 60 countries, this is an outstanding accomplishment.

2008 Best Use of Interactive Multimedia, eduStyle Awards
ND.edu was awarded best use of interactive multimedia. eduStyle is “a web design gallery dedicated to higher education websites and powered by higher education web design professionals.” The team I built and managed was also nominated in six other categories.

2008 Gold Award, International Academy of Visual Arts and the W3
ND.edu was selected as a gold award winner by the W3 Awards which honors creative excellence on the web, and recognizes the creative and marketing professionals behind award winning sites, videos and marketing programs.

2007 Gold Medal, Pride of CASE District V
CASE V recognizes best work in communications, alumni relations and development in the Pride of CASE V District Awards program. The University of Notre Dame was awarded a gold medal for “Best Website” for our work with the Office of Development.

2007 Team Impact Award, University of Notre Dame, Arts and Letters
First award given for significant contributions to the College of Arts and Letters’ spirit of collaboration. Award presented by the Dean’s office on May 21, 2007 at the staff appreciation luncheon.

2007 Adobe (Macromedia) Site of the Day
For October 2007: Created to highlight its ground-breaking research and the principles that guide this renowned educational institution, the redesigned Notre Dame website (nd.edu) provides an immersive experience. Featuring rotating Flash video, this site serves prospective students, current students, alumni, parents, and faculty alike.

2005 Adobe (Macromedia) Site of the Day
For September 2005: The College of Arts and Letters from the University of Notre Dame was recognized as the site of the day by Macromedia. The Arts and Letters site is one of the largest marketing communications initiatives ever at the University.

2004 University of Notre Dame Spirit Award
In 2004, twenty-nine staff members and one department received the Spirit Award, which is presented to those who “positively impact the lives of co-workers, students, visitors and the campus community.”

2001 Gold “Addy,” The Ad Club
Category of “interactive media website, consumer” for Notre Dame International Studies.

Memberships and Associations

LinkedIn.com Group: Digital Communications in Higher Education
  • I created and manage a 3000+ member group on LinkedIn.com. This group is for marketing and communications professionals who work in the higher education industry. We share ideas, network, and practices. Emphasis is on web and digital communications. Group is limited to individuals currently working in higher education; schools, colleges, universities.
  • Learn More on LinkedIn.com.

Northwestern University
  • Member, University Web Steering Committee, 2012-2014
  • Participant, NU Leadership and Management series

Washington University in St. Louis
  • Guest Member, Public Relations Council, WUSTL, 2008-2011
  • Chair, Digital Communications Committee, WUSTL, 2008-2011
  • Chair, Web Tech Group, Emergency Management, WUSTL, 2009-2011
  • Chair, Social Media Workgroup, WUSTL, 2009-2011


LINK, HighEdWeb Association
Interviewed by Georgy Cohen for LINK, the official publication of the HighEdWeb Association, for the article, “Behind the Grid: What’s the Big Deal About Responsive Web Design, Anyway?” Georgy Cohen’s article is a great assessment of how RWD is affecting digital communications in higher education.

National Association of Colleges and Employers
Quoted in a NACE 2011 spotlight article for career services professionals about web analytics — Tech Talk: Use Analytics to Get the Most From Your Career Center Website. Read article.

South Bend Tribune Business Weekly
“The Notre Dame Web Group, started in 2003 with experts from the Office of Information Technologies’ Web Administration, has become a state-of-the-art marketing agency, transforming the university’s communication both internally and globally.”

Adobe Success Story
The ground-breaking redesign of the University of Notre Dame’s website (nd.edu) in September 2007 was featured by Adobe as an “immersive first impression” to visitors. “In one sense, we’re in the first impression business,” I am quoted as saying. “People may know we have outstanding academic programs but they may be unaware of the amazing, world-changing research that happens here. People know us for athletics but don’t know about the special student-athletes we have.”

Notre Dame Magazine
John Nagy of the Notre Dame Magazine wrote an interesting article about the launch of the new ND.edu site. The article was published in the Autumn 2007 issue, and it can be read online.

WNDU, Channel 16
The NBC affiliate in South Bend, IN featured a television interview regarding the launch of the new Notre Dame website. It was the first and most meaningful website redesign in almost ten years.

I participated in a case study by Macromedia (now Adobe) about how The University of Notre Dame embraced content management software called Adobe Contribute. For all intents and purposes, Contribute significantly changed the landscape of web development for the “front-line” staff. I was a key role player in a major effort to deploy Contribute to hundreds of users on campus. I focused primarily on user training, template design and development, and standardizing methods of professional web development to support those who run the day to day operations of content management.

South Bend Tribune
In 2002, I worked for a regional marketing communications firm located in Mishawaka, Indiana. I was the leader in the development, testing and construction of web design projects. In March of that same year I was asked by the local newspaper, The South Bend Tribune, to discuss some recent trends in the web development industry.

Washington University in St. Louis, Newsroom
“A new Washington University in St. Louis website, wustl.edu, was launched Aug. 9,2010 following three months of concerted effort and interviews with numerous faculty, staff and student experts on all campuses of the university.”